Life After Grad

So my friends, family and coworkers know this already, but this past week I got confirmation that I am graduating. The marks for my last semester came out this past Tuesday and everything is in order. This is something I have been excited for for the longest time, to finally be done school. I say done I don’t mean permanently, I do hope to go back one day and get my masters or something but for now I am done, maybe one day become a prof, but for now after 18 years of being in a classroom I feel I am ready for a break from that.

So this essentially means two things, I need to get a hair cut and get a real job. The hair cut is the easy part I mean I haven’t actually got it cut since September 14, 2010 the mess of hair has grown on me, pun intended, I am a bit hesitant to cut it at this point, but it is difficult to maintain and so I need it at least trimmed down. As for finding a job I actually need to start looking, I have signed up with Linked in and Monster, haven’t actually posted my resume yet, that is one of my goals for this weekend, you know clean it up update information.

Some other things I need to do, well when I actually bought this domain name I bought it for a purpose, at the time I was working on this application that I thought was pretty neat, it is a simple application to make changing wallpapers under windows nice. An added bonus if you have multiple screen configurations it handles the screen individuality, So no longer it is needed to make up a complete wallpaper in your photo editor of choice. Also it properly scales the image while maintaining aspect ratio, and some other cool things you will see when I finally release it. There were a few bugs I forgot about when I wrote it, school work took priority so I never got around to finishing it. The bugs are a minor thing and I also hope to have that posted this weekend.

Also for one of my last courses I my computer science degree, I created a game I think is kind of interesting, I have a proof of concept of it done as the course required but there are some things I would like to do to it before I release it. I don’t want to give away many details but it is a puzzle game based around using light sources as a game mechanic. Part of the course requirements meant that it had to be written in GLUT, with openGL. I do wish to add sound to the game and improve a few of the flaws before I release it, I am planning on porting it to SDL. I hope to have at least a beta out by the end of next month.

What else am I working on… there is a game that was released over a year ago in Japan that I was really waiting for, I even bought a PSP at the time in anticipation for the game, but intimately the people who generally release this series of games have yet to mention if they are planning to localize it and this is unfortunate because it is a great series. That series is .hack and the game is .hack//LINK, so until Namco Bandai announces their intention to release the game. I am working on a fan translation of the game, essentially I am not skilled in Japanese, but I figured out the whole file requirements and have made up some programs to edit the files included in it easily and I met a translator online who was interested in helping the project. This project seems so far away from completion that I cannot give a timeline, but in the mean time here is a video to keep those interested drooling.

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