Ludum Dare 21–Game Post

Well the frequency of my blog updates are not what I hoped for but, now that all is done I am just going to write up a post about the final product.

So first let me present the simple name Cubicle Escape, taking the theme of the contest of escape and building a game about getting away from my office in a certain amount of time.

The game starts off with a bit of story setup then you are thrown into mazes where you have to navigate around cubicles, there is a power up system using a stat I called motivation, motivation is given to the player from looking at a poorly drawn motivational poster.


This is actually a speed boost, as in the more motivated you are the faster you go. Below are some screen shots of the game in action. Controls are basic WSAD/arrows to move, P to pause, and esc to return to the menu, and leave the game.

Final Screenshots 1Final Screenshots 2

All that is left now is release the actual game, I am releasing it as shareware the source is remaining closed because it looks ugly as sin (the source needs to be submitted for the contest, but is doesn’t need to be openly licensed).

Download the Game Here (

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