.hack//LINK Preview to the Fan Patch Series

Welcome all it is I Jun Bansyoya, you might remember me from such web forums as the dothackers.net, the French .hack forum, or that forum of people translating .hack//fragment. This is the opening post to what will be a series of posts about the .hack//LINK fan translation that is set to be released later this month. This series will  teach you how to get our translation running on your PSP and will include topics such as;

  •  How to get .hack//LINK.
  • How to modify your PSP.
  • How to convert your .hack//LINK UMD into an ISO.
  • How to patch your ISO.
  • Finally where to download the patch.

EDIT: This post turned out to be a one off please see the .hack link project page for the rest of the how-to

The first Subject will be a short and simple one,

How to get .hack//LINK.

We firmly believe that CC2 deserves money for their work on a great game and we also understand that what we are doing is also not completely legal. The last thing we want to do is fan the flames, so we want to stress that we do not support piracy in any way. Everyone working one this project has imported a copy of this game and we would like to urge everyone who plan on playing this game to do the same. To aide you in this I have 2 links to help you in your search for this game.

Buy .hack//LINK (PSP the Best) (Sony PSP) at Play-Asia.com – This is the Japanese equivalent to Players Choice version. It retails for US$ 37.99. It is not out yet but will ship October 6th 2011 this should be in your hands in time for the release of the patch.

Buy .hack//LINK (Sony PSP) at Play-Asia.com – This is the regular version complete historical DVD, it is currently out of stock but might not be for long. This one is more expensive at US$ ~72.00

Well that is all for tonight the next post will be more technical and will detail a crash course into hacking your PSP.

6 thoughts on “.hack//LINK Preview to the Fan Patch Series

  1. It is already April of 2012 and i see no links or downloads for this patch 🙁 I have been searching everywhere. I bought the Japanese copy of this game when i found out about this and there has been no update. Did i buy this game for nothing?

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