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Hey guys just a quick post, I just receiced this e-mail from the Integrability Forums(aka dothack.org) I know it was just a form e-mail but I felt it was funny. So to everyone who just receiced the same e-mail you have come to the right place. Project page can be found here, for complete instructions.

It’s been awhile JunBansyoya,

How have you been? Things sure have picked up in the dothack realm lately if you were unaware. First off recently announced was a push for having the iOS and Android app Guilty Dragon for North America and Europe by the games developers. Coming soon the Japanese release will debut and soon after that the rest of us will get our chance. Next up was the translation of the Thanatos report, an extra found on the .hack//The Movie + VS Hyrbrid disc, so if you haven’t watched it then check out YouTube to see. Then, a major breakthrough on the .hack//LINK unofficial translation group released their first game patch for all of us to download and patch to our current Japanese copies of .hack//LINK for the PSP, search on Google for Hello Toaster for more and how to apply the patch. Moving forward, Project X Zone, the upcoming tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS including characters of the dothack franchise such as Kite and Blackrose; releases October but surprisingly a major push for localization by the developers is also in the works announced this week. So whomever said Dothack is dead, you were dead wrong.

The Dothack community still grows, from news at our neighbors at Dothackers.net; to our friends from CyberConnects.org developing a 3D MMO of TheWorld, all the way over to the guys at .hack//Wikia updating the latest information on the characters plots and stories we know and love, and far as those individuals like JunBansyoya and Kuukai whom spend their time translating an entire game and releasing free to the public English patches of PSP games. Rest assured if your a fan of dothack, there are people out there representing the English speaking community.

Back in the World of Integrability, we have major story line progress updates. The fabled main story has up and started, the cast and plot has been established, and you the players will now have the opportunity to witness the story unfolding, or, become part of how the story is told. Keep focus on the Role-play and watch what will take place in the coming weeks. Who knows, you may even become the next Dothacker with special powers and abilities, or perhaps become infected and restricted. Find out more at your local Integrability role-play section today!

For you character model enthusiast, don’t forget next month is October, you know what that means? HALLOWEEN AVATARS! Start posting and start saving your hard earned avatar points today and on October 1st, the doors to Halloween wares will become available to you.

If you like to stay active and up-to-date, be sure to join us in our daily Skype chats by contacting Insydius on Skype to be included in our public group chat. You’ll find up to the second information, updates, progress, fellow Integrians to chat with, and much much more!

And finally, if you ever want to meet the creator of Integral and Integrability and live or plan on visiting the Washington state area between October 26-28th, then drop by over to the local anime convention AkiCon for a chance to meet Edan and Effie! And no, Edan does not give glomps.

Live long and prosper Integrians!

– Edan

Thanks for the shout out.

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