.hack// New Game Teased by Hiroshi Matsuyama

Gematsu reported late last week that CyberConnect2’s president and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama mentioned an unannounced .hack// game is in the works at New York Comic Con. From the article they appear to be targeting both portable and home consoles. No word in about content, except that it will be new.

I’m glad to read that .hack// is still alive at CC2 and hopefully we will see an official .hack//LINK before it releases… probably not, but one can dream.

.hack//LINK – Version 0.1.1 Released

Hello all, the title theoretically says it all but not really.

Just updated the project page with version 0.1.1, the instructions are a bit easier now, so please re-read and attempt the patch again.  Included in this update should be everything that was in the original video. This was not true before, the patcher didn’t write to the ccs files in the sc folder, these files where the conversation pages when and the tutorials.

Also added a known issues section for problems that many people are having.

PS Savegames have no issues with these modifications, just drag and drop the new iso into the correct place, people on the PSPgo should not resume from paused/sleep game mode between iso upgrade.