.hack//LINK – Version 0.1.1 Released

Hello all, the title theoretically says it all but not really.

Just updated the project page with version 0.1.1, the instructions are a bit easier now, so please re-read and attempt the patch again.  Included in this update should be everything that was in the original video. This was not true before, the patcher didn’t write to the ccs files in the sc folder, these files where the conversation pages when and the tutorials.

Also added a known issues section for problems that many people are having.

PS Savegames have no issues with these modifications, just drag and drop the new iso into the correct place, people on the PSPgo should not resume from paused/sleep game mode between iso upgrade.


5 thoughts on “.hack//LINK – Version 0.1.1 Released

  1. Please could you send a simple version of your tutorial translation of the game? And an easier place to download the applications required for translation.
    I am Brazilian and things usually take to arrive here. So the only recourse I have is to appeal to your great talent.
    If you could, an iso, already translated, would help a lot.

    I’ll be grateful.

    • erico, its nice that you follow us so closely, but never will anyone on our team just give out a pre-patched iso. NEVER. We are already in a moral grey zone and legal black zone, it would only make things worse if we actually do use piracy to distribute our work. Fan-translations such as ours survive this legal hurdle because we make it so one must have the game in hand in order to play, most of the time this is tolerated by the rights holder of the intellectual property. So patience please, read a book while you wait for your game to arrive.

      If we had easier instructions they would have been posted already, I do plan on posting a how to video on youtube soon that might be easier to follow.

  2. the windows batch file doesn’t seem to patch my iso :/

    it loads up and then it says press any key to continue but nothing happens, no series of text…then the cmd prompt closes. any clues on this?

    im using a jap iso file that hasn’t been patched at all

    • I assume you have followed the steps correctly, this sounds like it might be an issue with java being installed on your machine, there should be at least one line of text printed on the screen before the press any key message, if you could copy and paste it. in the command line you need to right click to enable text selection mode labeled as “Mark” then drag and drop to select, and right click again to select copy. This will allow me to give better help.

      • “Java is not in PATH, trying to add it now”
        “Java 7”
        “Patch software found: dothack.jar”
        “Patch folder found: patch”
        “Source data found: data”
        ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
        operable program or batch file.
        Press any key to continue . . .

        that is the only message that I get

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