.hack// New Game Teased by Hiroshi Matsuyama

Gematsu¬†reported late last week that¬†CyberConnect2’s president and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama mentioned an unannounced .hack// game is in the works at New York Comic Con. From the article they appear to be targeting both portable and home consoles. No word in about content, except that it will be new.

I’m glad to read that .hack// is still alive at CC2 and hopefully we will see an official .hack//LINK before it releases… probably not, but one can dream.

2 thoughts on “.hack// New Game Teased by Hiroshi Matsuyama

  1. Can only hope now that it might be referring to a official hack link release on the ps3 store for digital download, if both platforms are mentioned it might mean a release of G.U too.
    Now that would be the best news I’ve heard for a long while as a euro gamer. Wont have to use my swap magic anymore for the import.
    (I know i’m getting waaaay ahead of myself lol)

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