New Patching system for .hack//LINK


Greetings this a online of how the new patch system for .hack will work, this will be distributed with all the tools required to work the patch no more looking for the proper files you need. Download it here, unzip it, move the data.cpk file into the uncompressed folder and click the “patch” batch file. This will overwrite the data.cpk file in the folder. Once it is done insert the data.cpk file back into the iso using UMDTOOL 3.5. Simple right?

I tried my best to make this foolproof, but it can fail. If your Java Runtime Environment is installed in a non standard folder, please make sure the folder containing java.exe is in the system path. If you have no idea what this means you probably are safe, but there were a bunch of people with issues with this before. Leading me to to consider a tutorial post, Google system path java, and you should be safe.

Why use this over the old one? Because it is simpler and also take advantage of compression of the files that I have been neglecting at this point, which should fix a few slowdown issues we have been having. So please test it out and let me know.

Jun Bansyoya

PS This is still the same version of the patch as last time, there is not new translated dialog here. The translators are working hard I hear they may have a new release soon. This is purely something I am testing on the technical side, please ignore it until the new patch if you wish.