New Patching system for .hack//LINK


Greetings this a online of how the new patch system for .hack will work, this will be distributed with all the tools required to work the patch no more looking for the proper files you need. Download it here, unzip it, move the data.cpk file into the uncompressed folder and click the “patch” batch file. This will overwrite the data.cpk file in the folder. Once it is done insert the data.cpk file back into the iso using UMDTOOL 3.5. Simple right?

I tried my best to make this foolproof, but it can fail. If your Java Runtime Environment is installed in a non standard folder, please make sure the folder containing java.exe is in the system path. If you have no idea what this means you probably are safe, but there were a bunch of people with issues with this before. Leading me to to consider a tutorial post, Google system path java, and you should be safe.

Why use this over the old one? Because it is simpler and also take advantage of compression of the files that I have been neglecting at this point, which should fix a few slowdown issues we have been having. So please test it out and let me know.

Jun Bansyoya

PS This is still the same version of the patch as last time, there is not new translated dialog here. The translators are working hard I hear they may have a new release soon. This is purely something I am testing on the technical side, please ignore it until the new patch if you wish.

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  1. thank you very much for both simplifying the patching process and for telling us that a new patch will be coming soon

  2. and please try to make it work this time, its kinda upsetting that a lot of it is translated as you claim but we cannot see those translations in the dialogue boxes.

    • Hi Tony, The second release of the translation should have fixed that issue. I already admitted it was my bad for that initial mistake of releasing without one type of files being patched, I wrote the code to patch them but by the time we had all the stuff together for the release, my source repository rolled back the changes to my program which removed the necessary source code forcing a rewrite of that class.

      Of all of the messed up shit in this world and this is the thing that upsets you… you must have a great life.

      Patience my friend, we are volunteers, we don’t/can’t get paid for this work, we do this for fun. We hope that when we are done, you have fun with it. We did clearly state the releases up until now have been early releases, and not the recommended way to play all the way through. if you wish to follow the process of the translation please follow our thread on

  3. Man this is so frustrating…i’ve been trying to get this patch to work all day.
    With the simple method the game gets stuck at the first loading screen, black screen with that penguin on the lower right corner, after the title screen.

    So i went ahead downloaded all the tools and i patched with the old-long method, got a patched iso that works!
    but the game is in japanese…maybe i have to advance in the game to see some english? This is very strange i’m sure i did all steps like you listed them..

      • There should be text on the menu screen translated so you know it works, the infinite dancing Chim Chim glitch is a know problem with a certain, pirated copy of the game, my best advice would be to rip your own iso.

        As for your second attempt going the long way, sounds like the jar file did not execute properly. make sure you have java installed and updated and try again. Either that, you tried to overwrite the old data.cpk with the new data.cpk which crisystools does not support, save in a new directory.

  4. Just wanna ask.
    version of the patch said 0.1.1. Does it mean that it’s still only very small portion of the game translated?
    Can we still follow the story?

    But thanks man, you give me hope to play this game. haha

    • Forget it, already found the answer.

      Keep up the good works guys!
      I’m sure lot of people cheering and waiting for you. 🙂

  5. Hey Jun.

    I tried the new patching method, which is way easier, so that’s good.

    However, the compression hasn’t stopped the freezing issues for me. Yet, when I ran the .bat file, it couldn’t find my Java folder, but went ahead with the patching anyway. I don’t know if this affects anything.

    I updated to the latest PRO CFW but this didn’t help. I’m still thinking it has something to do with either the number of characters on screen or encoding. But you’re the programmer, so I’m sure you’ll figure it all out.

    In the meantime I’m still translating.

    • Hey Kaze,

      Funny about the freezing issues, I am not sure how to localize and identify them, just for more information are you running any plugins on your PSP, like a button swapper, or something of the sort?

      Thanks for all the translating work, I get notifications of when you update the files it makes me glad to see that. One of these days I’ll finally figure out the programming part. Also thanks for helping in the comments.

      • No, I’m not running any other plugins. The freezing seems somewhat random, so trying to localize might be nearly impossible unlessyou ran a program that output game stats at the moment it freezes.

        I’ve since fixed the java folder issue, but still this fixed nothing. It’s disappointing that the game works great except the freezing is crippling for some players.

  6. trying both versions of the patch. could you tell me what the output directory is for the proper patched data.cpk file?

    • Here are the steps to take. I hope this helps. I don’t know where you are in the process, but you may be able to skip to Step 3 if you already have a data.cpk file ready.

      Step 1: Ensure that the latest version of Java is installed and that the Java folder is located within your Program Files folder.
      Step 2: Get an ISO of .hack//LINK. These can be found by either buying the game and ripping the ISO as per the instructions on this site, but they can also be found for download across the Internet.
      Step 3: Once you have this. Use UMDGen to take the data.cpk file from the ISO and place it anywhere, as long as you remember where to find it.
      Step 4: Download the New Patching System from the link above in this post. Place the .cpk file into the folder provided in the download.
      Step 5: Run Run_to_Patch.bat. This will load the latest patch files (which are already in the folder) into the .cpk file.
      Step 6: Use UMDGen to replace the data.cpk file in the ISO with the newly create .cpk. Save the new ISO as whatever you want to call it.
      Step 7: Place this new ISO into a folder called ISO on your PSP. Run that ISO from your memory card using CFW. Do not play from the game disc if you own it.

      Hope this works for you. I had no issues getting everything patched, so you must be missing a step somewhere. I think the Java location may also be causing issues. Check and double check steps. If it still doesn’t work, I don’t know what to tell you. It might help if you give us a detailed rundown of all the steps you take.

      • “Source data found: data”
        “Patch folder found: patch”
        “Compression file found: .toolsdata.csv”
        “Patch software found: .toolsdothack.jar”
        “Java is not in PATH, trying to add it now”
        “Java 7”
        ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
        operable program or batch file.
        |||||||||||||| CRI Packed File Maker for Console Ver.1.36.00 ||||||||||||||
        Copyright (c) 2007-2008 CRI-MW (CpkMaker.dll Ver.1.36.00)

        CPK Data Mode : Filename
        Data Alignment : 2048
        Directories info mask : False
        Text Code (csv) : UTF-8
        Input Filename (csv) : .toolsdata.csv
        Output Filename (cpk) : data.cpk
        6,889 file(s) detected.

        Building a CPK file …
        Remain Time 0:03:15 (00:00:13), 6.30% |##——————————-|

      • UMDGen 3.50 and 4.00 will not even install for me. I can click the .exe all I want, but nothin. Is there any similar software I can use to get the job done? Thx

  7. First i would like to thank you for your great work.
    Second, i keep getting the following error, does anyone have any idea what can be causing it?

    Cannot open a file. ./data/demo/sc/scbg_? † 01.ccs

    this happens during the “Building a cpk file” phase at 49.25%

      • For future record, this issue was probably caused by using a computer without proper support of Unicode characters, If i were to guess kh_o_dor2 was running XP on one machine and his friends machine was Windows Vista/7.

  8. Just a quick question. Will the translation dev team create a fix for the crashing issues before they release their full patch? Cuz switching from the patched game to the raw game and vice versa is quite the hassle.

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