This is David Gilbert’s blog, on the web I go by a few names on twitter and forums I go by Tordre, I also go by Jun Bansyoya on .hack related forums. This blog should detail some ramblings of a mad man, various projects I am working on, and sometimes utter disgust about the world in general.

Active Projects:

  • .hack//LINK fan translation
  • A wallpaper switching application for multi-screened windows computers using a drag and drop interface. I call it Multi-Paper.
  • Entries to Ludum Dare
  • Another video game project I think is pretty cool but am having difficult converting from the prototype phase.

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  1. hi there can you give me a schematic diagram for a two digits display “30 seconds timer”? please 🙁 i really really need it so badly because its for my compliance in my incomplete grade in digital design i hope you can help me 🙁 thank you very much :”>

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