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One of my aliases on line is Jun Bansyoya this is the name I use to post on the dothackers forums. In February of 2011 I started work on creating a fan translation of the not localized game .hack//LINK. I started this project because I am a big fan of the series, and wanted to see the “third season” of the series in English. I initially posted some cryptic messages and screenshots of the game online on the previously mentioned forums. Through this I was able to find Kuukai, a translator willing to help me with the work.

We prepared a rough draft and prepared the following video for an anime convention in Boston in May of that year. We recruited some new help with this to.

All this time I was working on a framework that would make patching this game quite easy, and with some reverse engineering of the ccs file format that the games uses I managed to create an app that will be able to universally modify files based on a user desired changes. This app is fully expandable to modify image resources, but so far I have not reverse engineered this part of the ccs file and limited myself to just plain text.

Recently I have decided that don’t have the time necessary to adequately work on this project and have passed over control of it to Kuukai the lead translator. This document is meant to aide him as much as tell users how to use the utility I created.

This page is meant to be a how to guide for how to use the patch. As well as finally Link to the patches.


How to Guides;

For these guides you need to be running a Play Station Portable(PSP) system with a custom firmware(CFW). As hacking methods and CFWs of choice change over time I will skip instructions for how to do that and just leave you with the golden rule, “when in doubt google it”.

Before we start you should make a folder to store everything I tell you to download, make, or save. Keeping everything in there would be easiest. It is also recommended if you read all the step before you begin, but I hope to write them in a way where this is unnecessary. You will also need to know how to use a command line in order to complete this. You also need java installed on your system and added to your system path.

One last note is that although my patcher is written in java the other applications you use are native windows executable making this entire process require windows.  There may be similar tools for other operating systems, but they will not be outlined here. If you wish to do a how to for other OS’s feel free, please let me know so I can integrate them into this how-to.

So now just read through this in order.

How to extract an ISO from your Universal Media Disc

This step is for people who own the original Universal Media Disc(UMD) of the game .hack//LINK, if you obtained an ISO through alternate methods you may skip this step.

  1. The easiest method would be to use a build in feature of most CFW, you can start off by bringing up the CFW setting menu, generally it is accessed by pressing Select.
  2. In this menus you can change USB DEVICE to be UMD Disc using the D-Pad.
  3. Connect your PSP to your computer.
  4. Switch to usb mode, by going into Settings >> USB Connection
  5. Drag and drop the ISO file from the mounted drive to a safe location on your computer.

How to extract the DATA.cpk file from the ISO

The DATA.CPK file is the most important file in this ISO, this is a giant file that stores all resources used by this game. These files are used by the CRIware system, popular in Japanese games on various systems. For more information you can see their website.

  1. Download a utility called UMDgen, we need precisely version 3.50 newer version have cause some problems when trying to get the final image to run. I generally get it from the dash hacks network, they don’t require a password for their downloads so it is the most friendly, warning for the longest time they did have auto-play video advertisements might want to mute before you go there. (Direct Link)
  2. Extract the program and run it.
  3. Open the ISO file previously created.
  4. The bottom window will look like a standard 2 pane file explorer, open the PSP_GAME folder followed by USRDIR.
  5. In there should be a file called data.cpk this is what you need, right click it and select Extract Selected… from here a Save As dialog will open save it in a safe location.

How to extract the data from DATA.CPK

We use two tools to manipulate the data in this, QuickBMS an extraction tool that is used to extract files, this tool is a generic extractor with an open scripting language that allows the user to write extensions to open any file the user wishes. The other tool will be discussed when the time comes.

  1. Go to the QuickBMS webpage and download the most recent version of the tool. Link is close to the top of the page.
  2. Download the CPK script, use your browser’s search function to help you find it (CTRL-F).
  3. Make a folder called data.
  4. Extract and run the program.
  5. A black screen and a Open File dialog box is here, this is where you select the script you want to use to extract the file, cpk.bms should be it’s name where ever you saved it from step 2. Click OK.
  6. Another Open File dialog box should appear, this is where you select the file to extract, here you select your data.cpk. Click OK.
  7. A third and final dialog box will appear, this is a folder selection box, use this to select the data folder you created in step 3. Click OK.
  8. It may take a couple minutes to do its work, so let it be.

How to apply the Patch to the Data Folder (Version 0.1.1 and Up)

  1. Download the most recent version, of the translation, link above.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Inside the folder there is 3 files of note, “dothack.jar”, “Run_To_Patch.bat”, and a folder called “patch”.
  4. Move your “data” folder in here.
  5. Double click on “Run_To_Patch.bat”
  6. A black screen will appear and text will flow past, when finished it will say “Press any key to continue . . .”, when you do the box will disappear.
  7. Proceed to next step.

 How to apply the Patch to the Data Folder (Version 0.1.0)

  1. Download the most recent version, of the translation, link above.
  2. The zip file should have a folder with a file called “dothack.jar” this is a java program that will up date the files, and a folder called patch this is the patch.
  3. Your main folder should have the jar file, the data folder, and the patch folder in it. (Along with other stuff)
  4. Open up a command prompt. Press WIN+R and type CMD into the text box. Press Enter or Return. Use CD to navigate into your main folder.
  5. In Windows Vista/7 you can do this easier by using the file explorer to navigate to the folder that contains your main folder. Hold shift while right clicking on your main folder to bring up an extended right click menu, in here click Open command window here.
  6. Now run this command in the command window
java -jar dothack.jar patch data patch
  1. Let this run til completion. This will patch in place, so the data folder will be changed from this point forward

How to recreate the data.cpk file from the data folder

This is where the other tools to work with cpk files comes in, this one is a tad bit more illegal as it uses licensed dll files from the official CRIware SDK, download at your own risk. A link is provided for this one because of its nature you might accidentally download some malware.  The program is called CRI Packed File Maker and is generally distributed in a file called CRI Packed File Maker-ElPocho96.rar.

  1. Download “CRI Packed File Maker-ElPocho96.rar” and extract it into your main folder. It should make a folder called crifilesystem.
  2. Go into the folder and run the executable CriPackedFileMaker.exe.
  3. There is a Open icon near the top right corner, click on it.
  4. Navigate to your data folder and select it, click ok.
  5. In the bottom right should be a button, Build CPK file…, click it.
  6. A save menu will appear, you can choose where to save it, by default it will over write the original file if in the same folder as the data folder. This will be ok.
  7. The other settings should be set as followed
    • Data Align: 2048
    • File Mode: Filename
    • Try Compression: deselected
    • Mask directories information: deselected
  8. Click Start to Build.
  9. Take another break and let it run.

How to Add the New data.cpk File to the ISO:

  1. Run UMDgen v3.50 again.
  2. Open your ISO again.
  3. Open the PSP_GAME folder followed by USRDIR again.
  4. Right click data.cpk and select delete.
  5. Drag and drop your new data.cpk  into where the old one was.
  6. Save the ISO, it will not allow you to overwrite the old file so create a new ISO.

Now everything is done, put your ISO file in the folder your CFW looks for ISOs in. It is generally on the root of the drive in a folder called ISO. Turn on your PSP and play.

How to Update with a Newer Patch

Repeat the instructions from How to apply the Patch to the Data Folder onwards. If you run into trouble doing this, please restart from the beginning.

How Do I Translate the Files into Another Language

  1. Look inside the patch folder, there are some sub folders.
  2. Inside them are some files with a .ccs file extension  these are actually text files and not the same as the .ccs files in the data folder.
  3. Open one
  4. Modify the text as needed
  5. Save and close it.
  6. Repeat from step 3 as necessary
  7. There are only two rules to follow, all the block of text are followed by a blank line the string EOL and another blank line, the last one in a file is followed by 2 blank lines as long as you edit the file without touching those you should be safe. If you do make a mistake with this you might need to start over from the source file.
  8. The patch file uses unix style line ends, you cannot use notepad to edit it them. I suggest Notepad++ for windows users, mac and linux users are safe using whatever.
  9. When you edit a file or group of files you can follow the update instructions listed above.

Known Issues

  • In some places you the game appears to slow down, we have a few theories about this, we will keep you apprised if we figure it out.
  • If you are in an infinite loading screen loop, please try compressing the data.cpk again, double checking the setting with those given above. Slower or computers with limited RAM might be causing this one as well, CRI Packed File Maker requires a lot of resources and not having enough could lead to data corruption.
  • If the game says it is corrupt, check to make sure the unpatched game could run on your custom firmware. If not try to extract the iso again, please leave a comment otherwise, I don’t know how this one is happening and need more information to diagnose it.

Change log:

  • August 18, 2012 : Page created. Public rough draft.   
  • September 1, 2012 : Files added; the patch and CRIsystemtool.  Grammar corrected.
  • October 1, 2012 : Patch version 2 added, instructions for the batch file added, older instructions striked out.


199 thoughts on “.hack//LINK Fan Translation

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  3. Thanks a lot, bro. Still sorry I doubted you at the beginning there, and I wish I’d’ve been able to help. I’m gonna go play the hell out of this now.

    • If you could get me the exact wording it would be better.

      It sounds like it cannot find the jar file, make sure the location of that file is as described and you are running java from that folder in the cmd prompt.

      • I have the same problem. Except it’s saying “‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.” even though java’s installed on my computer.

    • need to add java to path in environmental variables.

      i only know how to do it on win 7
      goto start-right click computer-then properties
      on the left click advanced system settings-then click the environmental variables button found at the bottom.

      now locate the java.exe
      mine was found in C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7bin
      and in the environmental variables under system variables highlight path, then click edit.
      WARNING : DON’T DELETE ANY PATHS CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS, if a path is accidentally deleted click the cancel button.

      last go to the very end of the path list type “;” then your java path. example
      C:blahblahblah;C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7bin
      then click ok, and ok again.

      now the bat file should run without errors. for those that have this error with xp or win8 google how to add paths or how to find advanced system settings for your os, hope i helped good luck

  4. Help me do it right as i followed all the steps in the tutorial, extracted , patched and rebuilded the data.cpk but still game is in japanese.

  5. I get an ISO of 961 MB… Someone said on another forum that a “DEMO” file was

    Maybe that’s the problem?

    Anyway this is too complicated for most poeple… Should just have written a tool
    that does everything automatic… Just my opinion anyway since I did follow every
    step correctly…

    So I’m sure this infinite “Now loading” error is on the translation team side…

    • I agree it is too complicated, but unfortunately this is the most legal way I feel we can go about it. Any suggestion for the instructions are welcome though.

      Check your compression settings, and make sure you delete the old data.cpk from the iso before you add the new one.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by temptemp1919
    Well, it took me 2 patch tries, but I got it to work. My first problem was when I was re-packing back to the ISO, I didn’t overwrite the original data.cpk properly. For those having problems, there’s a lot of files/programs to use so make sure you keep everything organized.

    From what I’ve seen so far none of the standard ‘box’ dialog hasn’t yet been translated. All of the comic cut scenes I’ve seen though are translated.

    Edit: Oh yea forgot to mention that they have menu translations and a good portion of the items done too.

  7. just double checking whats patched here. the first movie is eng translated, but not the tutorial where tokio wakes up, i see some enemy names translated as well,

    so if the movie where tokio has a dream is translated i’m assuming i did the patch correctly?

  8. Only the comic style cutscenes, some menus and items, among other
    miscellaneous stuff are translated…

    All comic cutscenes are in english, The rest is pretty musch still in japanese
    but it’s stil really worth the troube if you want to know the main story.

    None of the norma box dialogs are translated…

  9. I don’t understand how some people are having so many problems. I got it to work just fine. Started translating some of the things on my own as well. Finished the item list, minor PC list, monster list, some of the chat strings, and much of the menu items and other minor gameplay elements. Most of the game is now in english. =D

  10. Well the dothack.jar doesnt seem to be replacing anything, i have the “data” folder on the same folder as the .jar and the patch but when i run it no files are replaced o put on the “data “folder. Any idea what im doing wrong?

  11. I cant apply the patch. When I go into the command prompt and type “java -jar dothack.jar patch data patch” all it tells me is “unable to access jarfile dothack.jar” please help.

    • Just looked at this file, I can confirm it is not malicious, Chrome does flag it as so, probably because it runs a java command and java is the number 1 source of exploits on Windows at the moment.

      I think I will add to this later and post it on the main article, an addition I will make will be to auto find the java install and add it to path, seeing as that is the cause of some issue.

      Thanks maxtram, I am sure this has helped someone.

  12. i just make a batch file for the command needed to patch the files so that i didnt mess anything while writing it on the command window

    its less problem that you guys do this so anyone cant have problems in the process of patching

  13. I just followed all the instructions but the game still doesn’t work and I’ve tried it four times from scratch.
    I was using Gen 5.50 Prome-4 and as I read a post about CFW in dothackers, I upgraded my CFW to 6.60 PRO C1 fix but nothing has changed.

    I have my original .hack//LINK game in the UMD and works perfectly (the iso is 0,99 GB) but the 1.15 GB iso after running all the operations doesn’t start.

    Can someone give me a hint if this happened to him? I’m using UMDGen 3.50 and exactly the same programs and applications as stated in the guidelines so I’m starting to feel annoyed because of my silliness or something xD

      • The splash page appears, then when the game starts, it tries to run, but then it bounces me to the home screen and a standard error message appears telling me the game cannot be run ;_;

          • I’m back!

            As suggested, I tried to run the exact ISO I ripped from the game, and as expected, it works. What really bothers me is that my ISO is bytes, however, the final patched ISO is 1.238.441.984 bytes. I thinks this is due to the data.cpk different size: the original one is 901.200.936 bytes but the one generated by crifilesystem is bytes.

            Magically it finally worked using the new patch version! However, all the comic scenes text is still in japanese O_o I’ve cleared all my previous install and system data but it still not worked. Any ideas?

            Thanks in advance.

          • Dont worry about the file size differences, it has to do with how we recompress the data.cpk file, we can tweak that to be a similar size as before but that would overly complicate the currently complecated instructions.

            When you extracted the new patch did you overwrite the jar file? The only thing i can think of at the moment is you are somehow using the old jar with the new patch folder.

  14. the patch works but
    in .hack//G.U. story line-12, the first comic panel battle scene doesn’t load
    is it just me or do others experience this too? need help if i’m just the only one please

    • We haven’t done much bug testing it is quite possible, if you could give us more details about when it happens, like if it is accessible on the time map where? or at least lines of dialog before the crash. Thanks 🙂

      • I found out my problem.
        The first .hack//link iso i got was actually faulty at that scene only.
        I had to find an unpatched version of the game for a couple of days,
        then patch it to remove the infinite loading problem.
        The english patch works this time no errors so far, thanks for worrying though.

        • Great that it was a problem with your “rip”. Please don’t reference any of those sites again, I edited out the offending statement.

          Please if you can afford it in the future support Cyber Connect 2 by purchasing the game.

  15. I’ve gotten up to the point where I need to use CMD. I’m opening it from the proper folder, but I just get this whenever I type in the prompt:
    ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    I have the latest version of Java on this computer and I’m running CMD from the proper folder. I’m half tempted to try maxtram’s .bat file he posted, but no one has confirmed if it’s safe/legit.

    If you could send some help to an idiot that’d be great, oh and thanks for working so hard to translate this!

      • Thanks for the comment but I felt I should explain the cause of your problem for future people having you problem, it appears that if you are running 64bit windows and you install the 32bit Java Run-time Environment(JRE) it does not add java to the Path (the variable of folders that windows looks for executable files in).

        Running the command “set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7bin” or “set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program Files (x86)Javajre6bin” depending on the java version you run will fix up the issue without reinstalling java.

  16. I followed every step twice and I don’t see a single thing in english except the main menu that was already english. Does anyone have the data.cpk already made or something? What exactly is translated and thanks to those that made this.

    • We are unfortunately missing a few files from the first release, these file are translated but just missing from this version of the patch. Expect a follow up patch soon.

  17. Just got the patch in good job guys.

    I’m sure you guys know about the other team that made the v1.1.1 patch with menus and items etc translated as reading there status percentages they have overall 70-80% of all non story translated stuff but haven’t translated the game story like you guys have.

    Mby you guys can join up or something to combine efforts and get this done.

    Its abit of a waste if two teams are trying to translate a great game themselves when they can join forces and merge what they both have which is basically opposite to each other in what I’ve seen translated between you guys which because of this it may end up jumping the total translation complete progress percentage up by a massive amount by sharing info as you will gain all the item menu’s etc they did and them all the story which they haven’t started yet.

    • Certain differences prevent us from working together, from an outside perspective it might seem silly, but there are lines that we cannot confortably cross in terms of piracy. We do have a bunch of items and monsters translated, but we are getting there. Please have patience with us.

      • something’s wrong

        the translation as that guy said isn’t done like shown in that video only the comic cut-scenes are in English..

        everything else is in Jap

        does that mean that the version in the video isn’t the one you’ve given for download ?

  18. I followed the instructions to the best of my knowledge and I’m having an infinite loading screen.

    I used UMDGEN 3.50 and I’m running 6.20 PRO-B6.

    Is there an extra step I must take?

    • Perhaps this could help. Here’s the log of the CRI Packed File Mkaer

      CPK Filename:data.cpk
      File format version:Ver.2, Rev.3
      Data alignment:2,048
      Content files:6,889
      Compressed files:0
      Content file size:1,148,185,410
      Compressed file size:1,148,185,410 (100.00%)
      Enable Filename info.:True (259,312 bytes) [Sorted]
      Enable ID info.:False
      Tool version:CPKMG1.36.00, DLL1.36.00

      Elapsed Time : 0:05:30

      It’s strange because my completed ISO when I create it with UMDGEN, doesn’t differ from my starting ISO by even one kilobyte.

  19. I… can’t figure any of this out X_X Im completely illiterate when it comes to all this file ripping and downloading and patching stuff….
    I bought the game and i’m haveing loads of fun playing it, but it is supper anoying not being able to understand ANYTHING X_X
    Why did they put some of the text in english and some in japanese? It makes no sence to me…..

    Anyways, can anyone help me? At all if possible? I want to play my game and be able to understand some of it, but like i said, im tech-illiterate.

    • Really, are you sure it was a failure in that step?

      I know for a fact the cpk recombination step can fail if you don’t have that much RAM on your computer.

      Have never seen the UMDgen step fail.

      • And i think you should make a video explaining how to do this >_>

        and command prompt step its just too jumbled for me because i can’t even make sure which folder and directory you’re talking about

        I’ve typed the same command as you said and it says :-

        ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external program

        • I guess I will have to throw together a video eventually, to help you right now though, if you have java installed on your machine and you still are getting that error, run these 4 commands before the java command, one of them will be right for your system

          set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7bin
          set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program Files (x86)Javajre6bin
          set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program FilesJavajre6bin
          set PATH=%PATH%;C:Program FilesJavajre7bin

          • yeah it works but it stucks in this file

            dothack_link_Terror_Infection_Tromme1/Main Folder

            I have all the files you’ve mentioned in there

            > jar file
            > Patch Folder
            > Data folder

            what’s wrong here ?

          • do i have to cancel the command window myself ?

            becuase it doesn’t say “complete” or press to close its just stuck on one command

            perhaps you don’t really need to make a video you just need to put some Pictures it helps alot more then videos

          • Alright dude i got everything working fine XD

            with the patch.bat you’ve given 😀

            Thank you very much for putting your efforts in making this patch !

            much appreciated !

  20. my brother went threw and tried doing it for me while he came in from collage for the day, but when he tried bringing the data over to my psp, we get a ‘file corrupted’ message on my psp…. im guessing were transfering the wrong files? Or we patched it wrong? The folder we are supposed to move it to, anything else we are supposed to transfer to other folders? But now that he went back, im alone and stuck on square one again v.v

  21. in the video its shown the conversations are also translated ??

    what are they fake ?? because I’ve done all the steps and they’re still NOT TRANSLATED !!

    THIS patch is FAKE !! the other one V.1.1.1 is alot better than this because it has everything gameplay related translated this one just only does the comic-style cutscenes !!

    The Conversations aren’t translated AT ALL as shown in this misleading video !!

    Bottom line : Guys don’t bother doing all this….

      • You will never get a pre-patched version from anyone working on the project. The internet is a big place it would not surprise me if you find one somewhere.

    • We already stated this is a work in progress translation, thanks for following us.

      The video does match what we have translated, the problem is with the patcher I just realized yesterday that the patcher doesn’t save any changes to the conversation files(if you are from the dothackers forum these are the SC files I was talking about before on there). I should have an updated eta for the new version after work.

      So as you said if you don’t mind waiting a bit it will be better to wait for future patches.

  22. So only the comic style cutscenes are translated, correct? Or did I mess up somewhere because the regular dialogue is still in Japanese.

    • There is a bug with the patcher, where things that are translated with the patch are not being applied to the files correctly, I am working on it and should have a new version soon (Soon being literal soon and not Valve soon), this bug is effecting me too. Thanks for your support.

    • Does the unpatched iso you have run properly? If not first try ripping it again, if so double check the cpk compression settings, make sure they match exactly what we said.

  23. I’m playing the game with the patch applyed but i’ve got a doubt, i’m playing in the .hack//sign section with mimiru and till now almost anything is translated… not the guild grunty’s dialogue scenes or mimiru and tsukasa’s. I’m playing almost full japanese… is that normal? Have i done something wrong patching? I’ve patched only with the version 0.1.1 i know that isn’t a full translation but none of the dialogues seems to be translated exept some at the beginning (the fact that i see some dialogues in english suggest that i’ve patched)

    • Evik remember this is still an inprogress patch, if you have seen some dialog in english then you have succeeded in patching. Unfortunately beside big mainline story event only the opening sequence is done translating. Our translators are working hard on version 0.2 now. I don’t know how far this will cover but its best if you put down the game for now and wait until the new version comes out before continuing if you want to understand everything.

      • Thank you for the answer xD I really like the work ’till now and i was not complaining or anything, i know that it is still in progress ^^ keep up the good work, i’ll wait for the translation team to release the new version (take your time guys 😉 )

  24. In step 2, where do you download cpk.bms script file? Just a quick question >.<
    I really appreciate all the work you guys are doing. I was originally just gonna wait till the finished product, but decided to try patching it just to see if I could do it. Regardless, take your time in answering, I'm in no rush. Thanks again! Ganbarou!

  25. Ok I lied, I found it lol.
    But now when I run the patch, it says,
    “JAVA is not in PATH, trying to add it now.”
    “JAVA 7”

    It found all the files, then,
    “‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.”
    Press any key to continue

    Help? Sorry!!!

    • Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I am encountering the same thing now and would like help, if you were able to fix it. Thanks!

        • The new script, and I was able to figure out what my problem was. I didn’t know how to set the path for java, but I was able to get that taken care of.

          However, I am having a new problem now, and can’t seem to get the game to run in english at all, not even the dream sequence at the beginning. I’ve followed all the steps multiple times now. Here’s where I am getting stuck:

          I open CriPackedFileMaker, choose the data folder, select build and follow the settings you have outlined (data align 2048, etc) and build the cpk file, overwriting the one already there.

          Then I start UMDgen 3.50, open the iso from the .hack//LINK umd, open psp_game and USRDIR. I delete the data.cpk file from the UMD and replace it with the one made by using CriPackedFileMaker. Then I save it as LINK_english (just so I know what it is when I am looking at all the files in windows explorer)

          Finally, I drag and drop it into the ‘ISO’ folder I made on the root of my memory card. I turn on my PSP, go to the game section, select the memory card and then I select the .hack//LINK file (see the splash screen and everything). I assume it works the same way as when you boot the CFW from your memory card, selecting it from the list of ‘games’ so to speak.

          I’ve done this three separate times now, and each time the game is still in Japanese (aside from what was already in English to begin with).

          I really don’t know what I’ve done wrong at this point. I am using all of the versions of the software you have told me to download, all coming from the links provided on this page. I have followed all steps and instructions to the best of my knowledge. From what I have told you, where does it sound like I went wrong?

          And thank you so much for your help and going through all this trouble to translate the game. I really appreciate it. Now if only I could get it to work…

          • simply,
            – copy folder “Java” in Program Files (x86)
            – paste in Program Files
            this is happen because your’e using 64bit

  26. Hi, I just wanted to give you guys a message from a .hack series fan ever since I read one of the earlier mangas about 9 years back. Thank you guys for being so dedicated and for working hard on these patches even with certain risks you may face. I don’t know whether the patch will work for me, I haven’t tried, but still..thank you. Please keep your love for the .hack series going. (:

  27. Hi, I would just like to ask if we translate all the ccs files in the patch folder is it possible that all of the game text except the “art words” in japanese will be translated to the language we desire?

    • Yes neoj, that is correct. All of the text that you can possibly edit is in that folder, and if you translate it (and break the lines properly) it is possible to translate the entire game yourself. But mind you there is a lot of text. With this patch, there is a rough estimate of about 20-30,000 lines of untranslated text in this game.

  28. Having worked with Kenma9123 (Or so I think), would you know where he keeps the files for the menu translations? Also, do you plan on using his menu translations for your patch?

    • Disregard that, I found them, and am putting them in my own ISO. Now, when editing the .css files in the patch folder, is there a character limit for how long the lines should be before creating a new line? And ate file files allowed to exceed the original filesize?

    • Disregard that, I found them, and am putting them in my own ISO. Now, when editing the .css files in the patch folder, is there a character limit for how long the lines should be before creating a new line? And are file files allowed to exceed the original filesize?

      • I was going to try to do something similar. Where did you find them? It would make it easier to know than search, though I am doing that now.

        • Where did I find Kenma’s files? I had to use the tools he used to extract his files, and I found those on a different site. If you email me at Orphen07@verizon.net, I can give you the link, or just the files, if you only want those.

  29. I just want to say thank you very much for all of your hard work. I downloaded the patch the other day and have been blowing through the SIGN era and loving it so far. I can’t wait for the finished version. Keep up the great work.

  30. I got as far as downloading CRI Packed File Maker. But When I open it, it says “Unable to load Jit Complier (mscorjit.dll) file may be missing or corrupt”. So I checked my Java, closed any other programs open,etc. But the prog still gives me that error message. What should I do? Is ther enaything else I can use?

    • Sounds like you are either missing the dot net run time, you can install this through windows update or directly from the microsoft downloads page, this is highly dependant on windows version so its best to install through windows update, it would be in optional software.

      If this does not work your system files sound like they are corrupt, try running a system file check using the command “sfc /scannow” run this from the command line. This command can take a few hours to run completely and might ask for your windows install disk. Could be the beginning sign of a hard drive failure, or just a one off error from a hard power off, a check disk might also be in order, or a trip to your local computer shop for some maintenance depending on your skill level .

    • OpenBMS could theoretically also package the cpk file, I’ve tried on a few occasion but failed (Some [space] monkeys, they use paraffin mixed with vitro. Paraffin has never, ever worked for me.). If you are technically skilled and can get this working please let me know, that would be another step I can automate with a batch file.

  31. So I looked into my .NET, updated it…and ran the command. I can’t go to a PC shop (thanks to hurricane sandy) but my drive is in good shape. I’m looking into the OpenBMS thing, but I can’t find it…

  32. This is the error i’m getting when running the Run_To_Patch.bat. I’ve got Java on my computer, so i don’t think it’s trying to tell me to install/update java or anything like that?

    “Java is not in PATH, trying to add it now”
    “Java 7”
    “Patch software found: dothack.jar”
    “Patch folder found: patch”
    “Source data found: data”
    ‘java’ is not recognised as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    Press any key to continue . . .

  33. Hello again, sorry for bugging you. I was able to put Kenma’s translations with my ISO, but there are places where the game freezes (forcing you to reboot the PSP). Now, you said there were theories that you had on what’s causing the game to slow down (or freeze, in my case). Would you mind voicing some of those theories?
    Also, the ISO will only run on PRO CFW (This is explained on the dothackers forum) but a CSO, with the dummy files and update files ripped will allow me to play the game on 6.60 ME-1.8 (sometimes, and sometimes not). I just thought that would be an interesting note to add in case there were people out there that aren’t using PRO CFW.

      • Yes, I’m aware of that. What I ment is that I used his translations, and put them into my ISO via the “How Do I Translate to Another Language” step. My question is, what theories do these people have for the game freezing? Before I go back and edit another 7,000 lines of text, I want to be absolutely sure that the game is freezing due to overflowing text. Otherwise, I’m working with something I can’t fix.

          • The game freezes when I try to open anything in the peddler’s shop, mostly. Sometimes I’ll scroll through the wallpapers or character statuses (before choosing a partner for battle) via the L and R buttons and it will freeze as well. There were other places, but I think those are just issues with my ISO.

  34. Hello. I wanted to do some editing for the menu/skills/items and possible some emails (found a japanese site with them listed so can deal with them there), but I am not sure where to find them in the patch. I found the cs data mentioned in changing languages. Are they all there and I will just have to go through them? Or are they in the data (under Menu), and the fact that my display isn’t working is due to a problem with displaying Japanese font rather than being in the wrong place. Wanted to check. And thanks for the work and translation!

  35. I just wanna make sure but, what part of the game is translated?

    As I am a story player, in which I play lots of games for their story and gameplay being second, I want to know how many percent of the game have you translated.

    • Well, the cut scenes and comic style scenes are translated. Most other dialogues are still in japanese. That means many missions (and maybe sub mission) have no english. I haven’t finished yet but that seems to be the case. Most of those dialogues do have voices, so you can hear it, but if you know no japanese it won’t help. I believe the videos at the top have what is translated, so you know what you will be able to understand.

  36. Hello,

    Okay, so when I translate to a different language (items, skills, ect…), I know about the EOL and keeping the spaces. This is my question

    I assumed that if I accidently deleted a line or even EOL, that as long as I added it back it would be ok. Is this true? I am having some issues with my self-patched ISOs and going to run a test of each of the 7 files seperatly to check them (actually 3 different patchs in pairs and one trio to save time).

    Just wanted to check on this. Also, if I run a patch that was bad, do I need to delete the data in the folder and replace it with an older, working version or should a good patch fix that? Just wondering. Thanks!

    • if you do somehow delete a EOL you can add it back no problem as long as your text editor has unix style line ends. Windows style lines ends should work but they are not officially supported by the patcher.

      If you do run it with a bad patch best case my error checks work and the file is not saved, worse case is that the file is written and gets filled with garbage, if you run into problems with a patch gone bad it is best the grab the fresh data folder from the cpk again.

      • Thanks! I figured that was the case. I am not sure if my editor supports that style end, but it is the notepad ++, so probably (will check). I checked and redid some stuff so it is mostly up and running. There are just a couple sections in the UPC placement area that freeze up on the full patch, but I have a partial version it works on so it is ok.

        I have been getting new data packs each time as well, good to know it is best. Thanks again!

  37. Just tried to use the newer version of the patch and when I try to run the ISO on my PSP it gets stuck on the “Now Loading” screen after all the company logos. Is it a problem with my CFW or the ISO I downloaded?

    • Yes, there is a known issue with a commonly available ISO on the web, we don’t condone using pirated software and the only advice I can give is to buy the game and rip the ISO yourself.

  38. I followed all the steps for the newest patch, getting right up to where I apply the patch itself.
    I placed the “data” folder with the contents you had me extract from data.skp in the “path” folder, then double clicked the thing that runs the patch.

    Despite that all the files in ‘data’ seem to be there, it says “source data not found: data/”
    “vital components missing, please check current folder”

    • is the “data” folder in the root of path, or is the data inside that folder on the root of path. big difference, the script looks for a folder named “data” in the same folder that it is being run from.

  39. Nice work.. can you also check out “Nayuta No Kiseki” ?

    Its made by Niholm falcom and its looks great and different then traditional Legend of heroes games

    • I couldn’t find it either, so I copied the text on the page I was redirected to into a notepad file and changed the notepad’s extension. When you save it, make sure you are under all files, erase the .txt extension and type the .bms extension there, it makes the file become the .bms file. *Note: I’m testing if it works now, will post results sometime in the next few days.

  40. thanks for your work, I wanted to know if you plan to do a full translation (including history),I also saw that you have provided the files to create your own translations(is a good things*_* (I would like translate everything in Italian,for my personal use) and I wanted to know if the files in the archive include the entire game (all the dialogue, objects, names, etc. ..?)

  41. Odd, I applied the patch and nothing was translated when I loaded it onto my Vita using the latest CEF exploit with the UNO game. I’ll have to try again, but I know I did every step.

    • You know what, it looks like somehow my data.cpk saved into a different directory so when I recombined with UMDGen I think i used the original one. Duh! wish i brought my PS Vita to work to test with. Have to wait till I’m home. Will report back.

  42. So a question before I do anything stupid, if I applies the Kenma patch with this patch as well, Would they overlap? I’m guessing that it’d truly screw up the game, but I just wanted to confirm that before I played around with that idea.

    • Hi Bex, good question, the default patch will overwrite Kenma’s patch, but if you go into our patch folder and rename the str folder before applying the patch you should have a combined version… Best of both translations if you will.

      The str folder contains menu items and such, where as the data folder contains story elements, we have one they have another.

      for this to work Kenma’s must be applied first, but of course this is untested so make a backup of your ISO first.

  43. Applying the two patches at the same time would not be a great idea, given that the patches only translate text [I assume] the game may well still work, but there could be some horrible side effects.

    On a side note why not offer something along the lines of a UPS or Delta patch? It would make things simpler for the end user and less questions to answer.

    • Because of a few reasons, we like making you jump through hoops…

      No honestly a couple of reasons, the most prevalent one, is that i noticed that there is a large non-english community for .hack// and figure releasing the method I use to modify the files would allow for them to make their own patches from our English builds, (notice everything in the “patch” is stored plane text).

      One of the major problems people seem to have is with pirated copies of this game, one of the pirate releases gives a known bug where we get into an infinite loop, I suspect that this would still be a problem with the any sort of known patching system (not that I care about the pirates).

      That being said I am considering a different patching system in the future, but as this will be my only fan-patch ever I suspect I wont spend too much time on it.

  44. i’ve tried following the steps but i am completely lost when it comes to patching and downloading files. i was wondering if there was a video of some kind that could help?? sorry if this is a big hassle, i just got the game and really want to play and understand the story :/ plus my brother keeps chewing me out for using his laptop since i have a mac lol xD

  45. Hello,

    I’ve tried every possible method i can think of, now im just starting to doubt this patch even works! Ever hear of team maverick ones method of patching? You might wanna make it a lot easier for fans to patch with ease like them.

    Might now be a big deal now, but heck this sure as hell is a mind bottling patch to figure out. At any rate, hope to see actual NEWs in time.


    • Hi Sarge,

      Thank you for your interest, I understand this is a lot more work than you are use to to play a translation, and thank you for trying. I would be more than willing to help you with the issues you are having but for that I will need more details about your problems, like which step do you get to before it fails? does the script run? Some details would be nice.

      Do you get all the way through the process with no software errors, but you get an infinite loading screen on boot?

    • Henry, I have yet to hear word from the translators that they are stopping work, so I imagine that its not over yet, just we are not the speediest team around I think we started work on this 2 years ago this week, so please have patience, and thanks for your interest.

  46. “Java is not in PATH, trying to add it now”
    “Java 7″
    “Patch software found: dothack.jar”
    “Patch folder found: patch”
    “Source data found: data”
    ‘java’ is not recognised as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    Press any key to continue . . .

    I dont know wat to do ._. i ran the java from cmd first and drag the run_to_patch
    Now only Java is dtetct and the others dont
    i Need solution Ty 🙂

  47. i’m having more java problems with this batch file, it says java isn’t recognized as an internal or external command, i’ve tried with both 32bit and 64bit javas installed but still the same message.

    • Hi Temuchin,

      Where is the java executable located on your machine? Do you have the jdk or the jre installed? This script will work if you manually add the java bin folder to your path, in fact that is what the first part of this script does, but apparently it is not working on your machine.

  48. I’ve got a problem, i followed the instructions up to Download and exctrat trough umd gen.

    I install the program and version you suggested but i ge no options for

    5) In there should be a file called data.cpk this is what you need, right click it and select Extract Selected… from here a Save As dialog will open save it in a safe location.

    What shoul i do to make it work?

    • I don’t know what to say you are suppose to right click on the data.cpk file, I suspect you are misreading it. Either that or you have a bad ISO try making a new one.

  49. Just patched the game and it’s running like a charm! Thanks a lot for this!
    On a side note, do you have any idea when the next version will release? I’m one of those persons who likes to know all the details on the story >_< sidequests though I don't really mind :p

  50. Wow thank you for all of the work that you’ve put into this.
    I do hope everyone fully appreciates the time and effort that your team has done in making this project.
    I know I sure do ^^

  51. Hey I did two steps a little bit different and I had no problems. I deleted the data.cpk file before I added it in, as well as used umdgen4.0 for saving the new iso (I still think it would be wise to use 3.5 for the extraction). I don’t know if it’ll help anybody, but I just thought I’d leave this comment.

  52. Did you guys ever make a step by step video for this? I don’t even know how to start with this kinda stuff…

  53. I can’t seem to get the game to run in english at all, not even the dream sequence at the beginning. I’ve followed all the steps multiple times now. Here’s where I am getting stuck:

    I open CriPackedFileMaker, choose the data folder, select build and follow the settings you have outlined (data align 2048, etc) and build the cpk file, overwriting the one already there.

    Then I start UMDgen 3.50, open the iso from the .hack//LINK umd, open psp_game and USRDIR. I delete the data.cpk file from the UMD and replace it with the one made by using CriPackedFileMaker. Then I save it as LINK_english (just so I know what it is when I am looking at all the files in windows explorer)

    Finally, I drag and drop it into the ‘ISO’ folder I made on the root of my memory card. I turn on my PSP, go to the game section, select the memory card and then I select the .hack//LINK file (see the splash screen and everything). I assume it works the same way as when you boot the CFW from your memory card, selecting it from the list of ‘games’ so to speak.

    I’ve done this three separate times now, and each time the game is still in Japanese (aside from what was already in English to begin with).

    I really don’t know what I’ve done wrong at this point. I am using all of the versions of the software you have told me to download, all coming from the links provided on this page. I have followed all steps and instructions to the best of my knowledge. From what I have told you, where does it sound like I went wrong?

    And thank you so much for your help and going through all this trouble to translate the game. I really appreciate it. Now if only I could get it to work…

  54. i’m geting he error TOC signature not found on script’s message. i can’t extract the files. could you help me?

  55. Download the CPK script, use your browser’s search function to help you find it what does this mean and where do i go to find the cpk script

    • too much complicated i new to this but can’t you just make it easier to patch or patch it already or is it just illegal

  56. Here to say good luck on the patch. actually been waiting for this thing since i left highschool (4 years ago) just checked in to see its still not out but aleast has a small marginal percentage patch made. is the intentional 0.2 patch still scheduled for Q1 2014?

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  58. I thought the patch would translate everything until realised it said 0.1.1. Oh well, so far no issues have occurred for me.

    A proposition, can you add images on how to translate? Reading a text can easily confuse when trying to patch the game for the first time.

    Keep up the translation, it’s well made so far.

  59. Well the i made the patcher run but each time I patch nothing happens it still in Japanese what file should I put in ‘Data/’ folder is it the saved game data or the system data of the game? please reply

  60. Apparently I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what’s going on. Can someone help me? I follow all the steps as shown with no problem. I boot the game back onto my PSP and it works fine, but it isn’t translated like the patch is suppose to do. I backtracked to figure out what went wrong, and I’m positive that something is going wrong for me at the step to apply the patch to the data folder. I looked at what the .bat file was telling me when it opened up command prompt and it said this:
    “Java is not in PATH, trying to add it now”
    “Java 7”
    “Patch software found: dothack.jar”
    “Patch folder found: patch”
    “Source data found: data”
    ‘java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
    Press any key to continue…

    • I know as a frequent user of Command Prompt that the phrase “…is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” is one of the error messages for entering in a false command. Seeing from how everyone else isn’t having problems, I doubt that something is wrong with the Run_To_Patch.bat file is scripted wrong. As a programmer myself I checked it and as far as I can tell its fine, so why is it not working for me?

      • Never mind. After adding a few user variables on my computer it worked perfectly fine. In case someone else has this problem try doing this:
        Go to user variables and click new. Make the variable name “PATH” and then make the variable value “C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7bin” assuming that is where your java is.

        Click new again and this time make variable name “CLASSPATH” and make the variable value C:Program Files (x86)Javajre7bin

        It should work now.

  61. Hello I am the biggest fail of all time when it comes to technology, let alone patching. I tried to download custom firmware for my psp 1000 but my psp is updated to current so I couldn’t update the custom firmware. It says corrupted data in my Games folder in my psp. I have no clue what to do. Can you please make a moron’s guide video or something? I’m so lost. I really want to play this game and I even bought it from Amazon. My friend even tried to help me and he failed. I almost gave up. Do I need a new psp to download custom firmware? Again I’m screwed without a video. Thankyou very much for your time and for doing this patch. Too bad I’ll probably never get to get it working :/

  62. i think i followed instructions correctly i took out the data file from the iso then applied the patching bat program but after i did that and ran it without any issues when i placed the iso within my psp iso files and ran it, it didnt have any menus nor any of the story translated like in the video, did i patch correctly? and if not after using the patching bat is there extra steps that need to be taken? i very much appreciate your assistance on this and thank you for your efforts in translating the game 😀

  63. did all the steps for patching and the opening movie seems like the only one that is patched in english. i would like to recommend a patched .iso version to be uploaded to the website since most dot hack fans have a hard time patching correctly.I hope the team would notice my recommendation. Cheers and more power to the devs

    • We like most fan translations walk a narrow line of legality of our product. Giving patch files is our way to minimize the amount of potentially copyrighted data being sent. I’m sure there are pre-patched version available, but there will never be an “official” one here on this site at least.

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